Region & activities

The Region

In the heart of the European cultural landscape "Eifel-Ardennes". You will find this unique walking area stretches from the Belgian-German-Dutch triangle in the north to the German-Belgian-Luxembourg border triangle in the south. 

In the middle of this region lies the German-Belgian national park "Fen-Eifel. The country of Eupen and Geuldal in the north are characterized by a landscape with hills than runs into the vast Hertogenbos (20,000 ha).  On the hills the nature reserve "Fen" begins, a high plateau with peat and peat lands, unique in Europe. The highest point in Belgium is Botrange (694 m). 

More southern reach of the dams Warchedal (Robertville and Bütgenbach) and followed by the Ameldal, known for its fish.  This is the most "mountainous" part of the East. 


The Tourist Boards manage voluntary the walking areas of eastern Belgium. Meanwhile, the 2,600 km available walking paths under prescription marked hiking trails and 6 topographical maps of walks, which forms an integrated part. These walks begin each in the center of a larger eastern Belgian town (usually in the vicinity of the church).  The average length of a walk is 3-7-15 or 20 km.  They lead you beyond the most beautiful panoramas and attractions. In general, they are readily accessible to parents with small kids, seniors or wheelchairs. En route, the walkers regularly find loungers, shelters, or public barbecues.


The walking routes crosses throughout East with two routes out of about 70-80 km. The first is the path "GR-5 Netherlands - Mediterranean", this runs through the East over a distance of 70 km. 
Secondly, there is the path "GR-56", with in the East two variants.  From Eupen this footpath crosses the Fen to Robertville there the road will split in two. Either we choose to go via Bütgenbach, Büllingen, Manderfeld, Schönberg and Steinebrück either through Malmedy, Ligneuville, Law, Emmels, St.Vith and Lommersweiler to-Burg Reuland.  In both cases the distance is about 80 km.


These walks are led by qualified members of nature, or Tourist Boards (s. list below). This is the only way you to get to know the real nature. 
The walks are open to everyone but registration in advance is required.  The dates are published in the "TOURIST-JOURNAL" and on the website of the Department of Tourism of the Eastern kanton .